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Tala Masri 

B.Sc.(Hons) ANutr

Tala is a passionate Nutritionist who deeply believes in the healing power of nutrition, a power that exceeds weight management aspects, focusing on a preventative approach that exploits food ability in warding off illnesses and promoting general wellbeing.

Tala’s approach focuses on establishing a varied diet and healthy lifestyle along with the introduction of super foods to maximize individuals’ health & wellbeing.  She provides confidential personalized nutritional advice that is tailored to suit each individual’s needs, daily routine and eating habits (culture and traditions) to reach their targets in a healthy manner.

Tala is recognized for her commitment to provide her clients with motivational and supportive advice along their journey to reach their goals.  She always aim to encourage them to make positive lifestyle changes without being overly restrictive or even boring.  This is achieved by creating different types of weekly diet plans with new delicious recipes to keep her clients motivated & well tuned.


Her goal is to re-nourish you from the inside out for long-term weight and health maintenance rather than short term temporary weight loss targets.

Registered and regulated by the Association for Nutrition, Tala obtained her B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in Nutrition from the reputable King’s College London as part of the Faculty of Life Sciences and Medicine.  She co-authored the now published research on the topic of “Sleep extension and its effect on diet quality and obesity” as part of her Thesis.

Evidence based nutritional advice is her number one concern as she strives to stay informed with most up-to-date scientific research emerging in various nutritional topics. She took several courses accredited by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics ranging from Maternal nutrition, Cardiovascular nutrition and Gastrointestinal disorders. In addition to a life coaching course accredited by The Coaching Academy, UK.  

Tala has carried out several internships in clinical environments ranging from hospitals to PCOS specialized clinic; she also had experience dealing with kids in a school environment (The Food Academy-UK). Tala always aspires to reach out to people and provide nutritional awareness to the public in different ways as she has appeared on several TV podcasts and participated in the 7 Doctors show in addition to hosting seminars on the hot topics in nutrition.

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